This shows upcoming features for To see information on features that have already been implemented, see our Changelog.

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Advanced Designer Controls and Functionality

Streamlining the functionality and use of the designer

Image Carousels

Ability to insert an image carousel (slide show of multiple images) into the designer.

Designer Versions and Content Recovery

This will automatically restore it to the last version that you were working on, if your browser crashes.

Menu Builder

A new way to control and build your Space's menu.

Contacts and Newsletters

This will add the ability to manage all of your contacts on your Space and send Newsletters out to them.

Share Contacts

Ability for users to organize contacts and share them with other spaces.


Create an email-friendly newsletter template using the Designer.

Space Templates

A set of pre-defined templates will be created for new Spaces.


Ability to collect donations and manage donors.


Create and manage silent and live auctions.


Add the ability to offer all products for sale through your Space.

Analytics Dashboards

See the activity and other analytics on your Space from your Dashboard.

Group Collaboration

Work with your team to help your organization thrive!