is the premier platform for membership-based organizations.  Our team has spent years taking part in and leading clubs, foundations, and communities; imbuing is us a deep understanding of the needs of our users.

Growing, but still very much a startup, strives to mix solid technology and cutting edge design to make a platform that helps to completely redefine how our users create and manage their organizations.


Over the past several years our team has built an exceptional platform.


William Yeack founded based on his own experience running his university's New York Alumni Club, quickly followed by the first pilot group.

Guiding Principles

We strive to build our platform using the following Guiding Principles:


Easy and fun to use

Whether you are a Member or a Organizer, we know that taking the time to learn to use yet another piece of technology isn’t how you want to spend your time.


Simple, modern, and professional. 

We do away with the traditional clutter and complications associated with 
online organizations so that you can stay focused on what matters most 
to you and your members. 


Powerful, consistent components

We put all of the tools you need to succeed in one place. Whether you are creating an Event or managing a Member, you will find a familiar, consistent User Interface.


Relevant, contextual information

We give Organizers the tools they need to effectively communicate with members, as well as the data they want to see about the group’s performance.

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